Christine O'Brien

Training Specialist

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Christine is highly educated and has a Degree in Business Management, a Certificate in Continuing Education and qualifications from the Association of Accountant Technicians and the Irish Management Institute. She is a qualified adult literacy tutor with South County Dublin VEC, is registered as a member of the Teaching Council and is listed on the National Register of Trainers (FAS).

Christine’s impressive career in education has involved her teaching business related subjects, co–ordinating full–time programmes, voluntary work and writing business programmes for use by commercial and state organisations. She also runs a Teacher Training Course, which has been hugely successful, and is involved in delivering high standard certified training for a number of organisations including County Dublin and City of Dublin VEC, FAS, Blanchardstown Area Partnership IT Centre and Talentpool Ltd.

Christine is enthusiastic and inspiring and has the ability to develop talents in both individuals and groups to help them achieve realistic and positive goals. This skill was invaluable to Christine when she worked in the area of adult education and also in her vast practical experience of running a business. Christine also has first–hand knowledge of operating a successful, profitable and efficient business in a retail environment, and knows the intricacies of implementing a first class customer service team.

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Cosmo Mellon

Lead Mentor

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Cosmo is an extremely experienced Facilitator, Trainer, Mentor, Coach and Consultant who specialises in assisting those who are making the transition from employment, or unemployment, to self–employment. He has worked in association with various government initiatives in this area providing advice and encouragement to over two hundred organisations, helping them to get started and trade successfully.

He has an instinctive and thorough understanding of the pitfalls and difficulties faced in running a small business which he is now able to share with, and mentor to, a huge variety of start up businesses. Cosmo is an enthusiastic trainer who has run a huge range of programmes, mainly focusing on micro–entrepreneur skills, as well as skills for unemployed persons, and large organisational development programmes.

Cosmo has in–depth experience of what it is that start–ups need, as well as the knowledge of how businesses work, and how it can be made ‘easy’. He is available, approachable and definitely worth talking to if you are thinking of starting up a business, or if you are interested in any aspect of an existing business. His aim is to make your business work for you.

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Dorcas Réamonn B.E., M.Sc.

Website Designer and Consultant

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Dorcas is an extremely motivated and talented individual who has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering from UCD and a Master’s of Science Degree in E–Commerce (Technical) from DCU. Dorcas has also furthered her knowledge by completing courses such as Assistive Technology and ‘Train the Trainer’. This excellent academic background proved invaluable to her in her position at Intel Ireland and has taken her on to further success when she founded her own business Zonua two years ago.

Dorcas’ company make websites from scratch, meaning she uses coding not templates, which gives her the flexibility to design websites and web–based systems exactly to the client’s requirements. As a result of the website making Dorcas has become proficient in Photoshop as a substantial amount of her work involves graphic design.

Dorcas specialises in areas of Accessibility and Usability, and Search Engine Optimisation and feels that the way of the future is through coding. She feels there is a gap in knowledge between business owners and website makers, and hopes that through her ability to simplify coding terms, she can help narrow that gap.

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Dave O'Reilly

Financial & Sales Mentor

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David is an accomplished Mentor and Trainer, with a passion for helping people in business, whether start-ups or established, to help them increase their profitability through creativity, innovation and employing best practices. His style of practical, usable and understandable advice makes him an asset to self-employed individuals right through to large corporations.

David worked for over 20 years with three main banks in Ireland, where his role involved developing relationships between bank managers and their business customers adding value to the business of both the banks and customers alike. He fully subscribes to the values of advice based selling, and has won national and regional sales awards. It was here he first saw the value of, and was involved in, Training and Mentoring to develop business relationships that were mutually profitable, and also to ensure the consistent quality and quantity of customer's referrals and recommendations.

David decided 3 years ago to move to Training and Mentoring as a career choice, but realised he needed some additional experience to offer even more value. He has been working in marketing, media and advertising during this time, to broaden the range of advice he can offer to businesses today, and continues to maintain strong links in these areas.

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Frances O'Loughlin

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