A Career in Data Protection

Data Protection vacancies

Get skills inD ata Protection to advance your career

You may be considering advancing your career and a great way to do this is get a current skill that is growing in its demand.  You may pursue a career as a  Data Compliance Officer or Data Privacy Officer.   The main function of a Data Protection Officer is to ensure an organisation’s use of data is compliant with Data Protection Legislation.

Work activities of a Data Protection Officer can include;

  • Developing, implementing and enforcing suitable and relevant Data Protection Policies
  • Reviewing the policies and procedures annually
  • Providing information and guidance on the processing of personal data
  • Processing and responding to requests for information
  • Carrying out Data Protection compliance audits
  • Assisting with investigations into complaints about breaches of data protection
  • Reporting and undertaking remedial action as required
  • Keeping up to date with changes in data protection requirements and legislation

Job Vacancies in Data Protection

The demand for those with skills in data protection is growing rapidly for a whole range of roles across many industries.  Having a recognised qualification in data protection will assist you in competing for your desired roles.  It is worth checking out websites like www.jobs.ie , www.irishjobs.ie and other Irish Jobs websites for relevant information on job opportunities in Ireland.


According to Bright water salary survey 2019.  https://www.brightwater.ie/docs/default-source/surveys/salary-survey/2019/brightwater-survey-salary-2019.pdf?sfvrsn=0   a Data Protection Officer earns up to €100,000 per annum and a Data Protection Specialist can earn up to €50,000 per annum.


According to Silicon Republic GDPR generated 1,000 data protection roles in Ireland


People are more mobilised than ever to defend their data, says Irish Data Protection Commission.

“More than 1,000 data protection officers (DPOs) have been appointed by organisations across Ireland since GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) became law across Europe in May 2018. That’s according to the latest annual report from the Data Protection Commission (DPC).

To support the surge in the number of DPOs, the DPC said that it will be rolling out supports for a DPO network in Ireland in the second quarter of 2019.

It also revealed it had to bust some GDPR myths and situations, such as a hairdresser being unable to provide details of a hair dye to a customer because of GDPR” (Source https://www.siliconrepublic.com/enterprise/gdpr-data-protection-commission-annual-report)