Sharing with you a wealth of knowledge and experience.

TalentPool commenced as a training organisation in November of 2011. TalentPool wanted to develop business/enterprise and leadership programmes that were achievable within the constraints of a busy adult life. Individually the owners of TalentPool had previously run various businesses successfully and wanted to share their knowledge of business and leadership with others. Over the years TalentPool has become a leading light in enterprise and leadership training across Ireland and provides a whole range of options both certified and uncertified.

"We take pride in our work providing high quality programmes that create endless possibilities for individuals.

Why choose Talentpool?

  • Talentpool is a City & Guilds/ILM training provider and has a track record of success: We work with numerous business organisations and private industry clients and deliver both certified and non-certified training to the high standard required by our quality assurance protocols.
  • Talentpool has dedicated and skilled resources: Our trainers are certified to deliver adult training interventions by holding recognised and approved training qualifications as a minimum.
  • Talentpool are experts in Programme Design: TalentPool’s team have designed programmes on behalf of Third level Colleges, Private Companies, Non Profit Organisations, Private training providers as well as SOLAS and the E.T.B.’s. Each programme tendered is designed, delivered and evaluated to the same standard.
  • Leaders in Online Training - We have been delivering online training for many years and are a leader in this field.  We understand the elements that make online training both interactive and engaging for our participants.  We design all programmes and courses with the participant at the heart of the design.  This means that programmes are scheduled at durations and times that work for our participants.  We also provide materials that make it easy for participants to learn in a home or work environment.

As part of our interventions with the above we regularly assist our participants to develop all manner of business plans.

You can email us for specific information on tailored programmes.