Talentpool Eurozone Trading Development Programme

The aim of this programme is to give the participants an understanding of what is involved in trading in the Eurozone.  The programme covers a variety issues that a business will need to consider starting with market research to establish a reasonable and sustainable business model, plotting the steps needed to make eurozone trading possible to finally pitching for a Market Access Grant.

Topics covered include;

 1 Eurozone Market Research          

Will your product work in the Eurozone?

Pricing and costing in the Eurozone Market.

2 Competition

Researching your competitors in the Eurozone

Marketing and branding in the Eurozone

3 Transportation

Logistics and haulage – Linking with the Irish Road Haulage Association

The exporters association and benefits to you

4 Sales and Negotiations

Meeting with sales agents and negotiations

Going to trade fairs in Europe

Hosting potential clients in Ireland

5 Online Selling

Adapting your website to sell in the Eurozone

6 Legal Compliance

Intrastat, Customs Tariffs, applicable to relevant countries and other paperwork

Compliance with standards and quality legislation

7 Sales processes and after sales care

Ensuring you get paid – Credit Guarantees, Insurance Guarantees

Servicing warrantees and your guarantee policy

8 Financing Growth

Grants and sources of finance for Exporting

9 Planning for Growth

Creating your Eurozone sales plan

Review and evaluation

10 Pitching for a Market Access Grant

Pitching Skills

Pitching for funding

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