Communicating as a Leader

At TalentPool we provide a series of communication courses for professionals and leaders.
The series includes courses on written, spoken, public and situational communications. During all of these programmes we will help you to develop a form of words that you can use in your professional life that project a consistent image of professionalism throughout all of your communications.

A full brochure is available on request and some of the areas covered include;

Communicating as a leader series

  • Advanced presentation skills
  • Business writing skills
  • Creating a culture of positivity with your team
  • Customer service in a dynamic environment
  • Having difficult conversations with customers
  • Mediating positive outcomes
  • Negotiations
  • Powerpoint for the professional
  • Presentations for beginners
  • Presentations intermediate level
  • Procurement communication skills
  • Presenting a professional written proposal
  • Sales presentations
  • Refining your sales process
  • Winning at an interview

All of our communicating as a leader programmes are available online.

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