Eligibility Requirements including English Language

English language requirements are specified for all programmes. In general, as an applicant for TalentPool programmes you must be able to read, write and communicate efficiently in English. For applicants where English is not your first language, you may be required to demonstrate proficiency in English to an appropriate level as specified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). The level required will be outlined in each individual course programme as some programmes will require a higher proficiency in English than others.

Medical Standards

For some programmes applicants must meet minimum medical standards e.g. a satisfactory Medical Certificate examination and eyesight test is required for some programmes applicants. In the case of short, physically demanding programmes (For example; Basic Safety Training, applicants are required to sign a Declaration of Fitness stating they are fit to undertake the training and may be required to produce a signed medical certificate.

TalentPool reserves the right to defer entry to any programme and seek the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner. There is a question on the application form to this effect.

The entry criteria from some programmes include criteria related to health standards/physical fitness to ensure applicants for these programmes are in good health and free from an illness or disability that maybe likely to interfere with their training, their safety or the safety of others. If there is a restriction, details are set out clearly in the entry requirements.

Industry Experience

For some programmes, the applicant must be either working in a relevant section of industry or be currently seeking work in the sector. Requirement of this nature will be clearly outlined in the programme brochure and on the website.


For some programmes, applicants may be required to provide character references and sign a voluntary consent form authorising TalentPool to seek information from the Gardaí and/or police in the country of origin or other relevant authorities. Failure to provide consent or verifiable character references if deemed necessary may disqualify candidates. Non-EEA nationals may be asked to furnish evidence they comply with Irish immigration and work permit requirements in force at the time of application.

Interview (Admissions)

Subject to programme requirements, applicants may be called for interview (e.g., diving) Travel and accommodation costs are borne by the applicant.

Candidates are requested to bring relevant documentation to the interview in support of their application. This may include a portfolio of programme work, educational certificates, medical certificates and character references. The interview is normally conducted by a panel consisting of a minimum of two staff and chaired by a senior member of staff.

Interview Process

  • When candidates attend interview, they are briefed by the Chairperson of the Panel on the objectives and format of the interview and advised that notes are taken to assist the panel in the selection process.
  • The risks associated with a career in the industry are outlined to all candidates at interview.
  • The interview panel reserves the right to request candidates to complete a short preassessment or aptitude test e.g. applicants for the level 5 Business Administration module are required to take a maths test. A list of standard questions is used at all interviews. A marking sheet is used to rate the applicants and to assist the panel in making a final selection.
  • Training places are offered to suitable candidate's subject to availability at TP Training Centres
  • Candidates are advised it is the responsibility of the learner to source a suitable work placement if it is required for the programme.

Admission Appeals

If an applicant is not accepted onto the programme, the Training Administrator will make contacts and sets out clearly the reason/s why their application was unsuccessful. Applicants are entitled to appeal the decision.