Google Ads – And Your Business

Google Ads

Let us imagine that you have built a castle in the middle of a vast forest containing many castles.  You want people who are interested in castles to know about your castle and to come and visit you there.  Perhaps your castle does afternoon tea, birthday parties and sells relaxing breaks.  At the entrance to the forest there is an information centre with pigeonholes containing sorted information on different attractions.  On Monday morning a visitor to the forest wants to have afternoon tea and takes all the information on afternoon tea venues from the pigeonhole and selects one castle to visit.  The information has location, opening times, name of castle and how to get there.   The visitor selects a neighbouring castle because your castle was not listed in the pigeonhole.  Some visitors find your castle by accident, but you want more visitors.   You decide that to get more visitors that you need to put your information in more pigeonholes.

Advertising online and google ads work in a similar way.  You can connect with potential visitors or customers when they are doing searches through key words and appear as one of the options that they may consider.  These searches are being done through laptops, mobile phones, tablets, smart phones etc.

5 tips for creating effective Google ads for your business.

  1. Do good research on the keywords that your customers are searching for. Use online Keyword Planners to find the most effective and popular keywords that your customers are using to find businesses like yours.
  2. Learn how targeting works in terms of using the keywords, Ad locations, locations, times for advertising and the type of devices that your customers will likely use.
  3. Decide a reasonable budget and monitor the budget and the results that you get from different budgets.
  4. Use the facilities in Google Ads to manage and monitor the ads in a single location.
  5. Use effective images in your Google Ads to help attract more visitors to your website.