Hiring in versus training up – 4 things to consider

Supervisory Management

Running an ever growing organisation or department presents a question for employers and managers.  Is it better to hire in a new member of the team or place an existing team member on a course to learn new skills?  Growth of a business can be an opportunity to shake things up a little bit by developing the existing staff to do new things and perhaps hiring  new staff members at entry level. Opportunities for promotion encourage initiative,  reward efforts and boost morale of the whole team and the organisation.

So what might you consider if your department needs more people?

Time –  New employee training versus upskilling

Recruitment and selection can be a pretty drawn out process.  Once you have selected the best candidate you will then have to spend time with induction and hand holding so effectively you or another member of the team will be taken off the job for that period of time.  A new member of staff can take several weeks or even several months to be properly inducted in the organisation.   An existing member of the team will have months or years of experience in working with your processes and customers so the transition to new skills is possibly going to be easier.  Signing a team member up for supervisory management skills or training skills such as train the trainer can be good options and indeed lots of employers opt for this as an alternative to advertising senior roles in the jobs websites.

Economics – The cost of training versus the cost of  Hiring

The cost of training is relatively inexpensive if you compare it to the cost of taking on another member of staff.   If a particular new function can be absorbed and carried out by a number of members of the team you will pay a one off cost and not incur the cost of a new employee into your existing overheads.

Advancement opportunities

The opportunity to get a promotion or to advance in an organisation is an important part of the overall package for new or existing employees.  When you have staff members who are ambitious and vital to your operation, the lack of promotion opportunities can leave them with no option but to leave your organisation to progress their career.  Developing your existing staff increases your organisations capabilities and productivity, a win for you and a win for your staff member.

Motivating your team

Job satisfaction comes from being challenged, being interested and feeling valued.  You can give team members opportunities to try new things, to grow and to feel valued by having a personalised development plan that includes training courses and team building days.  A combination of certified training and inhouse one day courses should be included.  You could also get the team member to  source courses that appeal to them ensuring buy in and involvement.