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In April 2020, during the very first lock down, we welcomed our first baby, a gorgeous handsome baby boy into the world and he was the reason behind why I made the jump into starting my own small business.

Between lockdowns and not being able to access baby accessories and products in stores in Ireland, I spotted a gap in the market for really gorgeous, high quality baby products that were affordable. My focus was on dribble proof bandana bibs that were soft and wouldn't irritate baby's skin or feel too tight around the neck. This type of bib was lacking in the Irish market, apart from being available through a handful of other small businesses. It was then that the idea of The Cute Company.ie was born.

I spent many months trialling and testing out dribble proof bandana bibs to source the perfect ones that would protect my boy from his endless drool and that I felt other parents could do with! Fast forward to December 2021, I have a new-born baby girl at home now too and while life was already very busy, I got courage and decided to press live one evening on the dream of an online store that I spent almost two years creating and planning.

Today, The Cute Company.ie is almost four months old and thriving. We now offer a fantastic selection of dribble proof bandana bibs, weaning bibs, bandana bibs, baby milestone cards and more. I'm really proud of how well my business has done so far and also of the large percentage of repeat customers I have built up in such a small amount of time. I have big plans and hopes for the years to come. I come from a digital marketing background, and I thrive in this space. Naturally because of this, social media has been the platform that I have utilized to attract and retain my customers with Instagram really being the main hub of activity for our brand.

I owe my thanks for the introduction to entrepreneurship and getting started to Cosmo and Talent Pool for their fantastic course I completed through the Kildare Local Enterprise Office. I still look back on my red diary that I wrote pages of notes in when I need some guidance on the running a business front! It was truly invaluable to me.

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Start Your Own Business Kildare