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Atlantic Irish Seaweed
Atlantic Irish Seaweed

I recently attended a course given by the Kerry Local Enterprise Board, that is how I became aware of Talentpool.

As a result of that initial introduction Cosmo and his team have been in contact, they have offered valuable online courses. I found these extremely accessible and supportive.

Our Business is Kelp Cutlery. We make bespoke, customised vintage and modern cutlery with Kelp handles. We sustainably harvest the Laminaria hyperborea stipes after they are washed up on the Skellig Coast during the Southerly winter gales. They go through a number of processes to cure and stabilise the seaweed, then they are sanded and polished to expose the beautiful natural properties of this organic material. The handles have been said to resemble antique antler.

Described by McKenna’s Guide.

"The feeling of something ancient and elemental is powerful, and the fusion of the two elements – the natural and the manmade – is beautifully achieved: these are precious eating implements. When Kerryann and John post their pieces, they wrap them in coffee sacking and dried seaweeds. You peel back the layers and, suddenly, there it is: sunken treasure."

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