Leadership and Management

Talentpool have been designing and delivering Management Development Programmes for over ten years.   The main focus of our programmes being  people skills and managing interpersonal working relationships.  Our programmes include conflict resolution, setting objectives, managing your time and working positively in a team environment.

Certification Options

We can provide short courses with a certificate of attendance for tailored programmes, alternatively participants can attend our QQI Level 6 Management programme to attain a qualification on the NFQ.

Management Skills

As part of our core management skills programme we cover comprehensively modern recognised and accepted management theories and management practices.  We facilitate managers to develop their communication skills, performance and coaching skills and delegation skills.  This assists the manager to have the tools of management and be able to use those tools in a way that is comfortable for them.

Why learn Leadership and Management with TalentPool?

TalentPool has been delivering Leadership and Management skills to those in public organisation roles and private industry roles since 2011.  In some cases our leadership trainers bring over thirty years experience of developing successful managers and leaders in a range of high profile organisations both public and private.  This allows the participants on our programmes to benefit from a wealth of relevant experience and wisdom in a very short period of time.

It is our experience that giving participants an opportunity to exercise practical application of the skills during the programme in terms of discussion, role play and encouragement to participate ensures that new learning is easily transferred to the work setting by the participant.

We also support the participants in working out a form of words, vocabulary and communication style that they are each comfortable with.

This method enables managers to ensure the smooth contribution by all of their department staff members to the development and implementation of strategic change plans within the organisation .

Management in the Work Setting

TalentPool programmes provide learning and assist in coaching new leaders and managers to effectively deliver improvements in their section’s performance contributing to the overall objectives of the organisation.  We can facilitate the participants to learn the skills of delivering results within budget, practical problem solving, managing both service and delivery of projects and building within their own organisation.  We also coach leaders and managers to build on their ability to effectively manage and deliver change including the management of projects.

Moving from Management to Leadership

Talentpool regularly provides training and coaching to enable individuals to develop the skills of leadership.  The skills required for leadership can include creativity, innovation, working on a strategy, ability to have a vision and flexibility.

Who we work with

Since the formation of TalentPool delegates on our professional skills programmes have included senior staff members from various County Councils, senior Oireachtas staff members, An Post, CEO's and business owners, Skillnets across Ireland, staff from local development companies and leaders from brand name multinationals.

We have also designed and developed management and leadership programmes/content for a range of other training organisations.  These organisations include the Citizens Information Service, The Education and Training Board, a selection of Dublin based educational charities and a number of private QQI training providers that provide management and leadership professional programmes throughout Ireland.

All courses are currently being delivered online in line with government guidelines and restrictions.