Looking into 2020

Looking at 2020

Looking into 2020

Alas we are well into the new year and for many of us this bring about changes both wanted and unwanted.  Optimism defined is hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something.  I believe that optimism works better as a verb and deciding to be optimistic or as optimistic as you can achieve every day is truly life changing for an individual and for those around the individual.

Practice Optimisim in 2020

Optimism is infectious and creates a culture of positivity as the leader at  home or as the leader in the workplace.  A successful optimistic strives to be realistic and avoids pushing the team into unreachable achievements.

So how do you practice optimism?

Redefining your language to encourage progress. Saying” how can we make this project work?” versus saying  “we are going to find this hard project to get over the line.”

Focus on the strengths of individuals rather than drawing attention to their weaknesses.

Be respectful by being task oriented versus being person oriented.

You can focus on communicating in a way that’s clear, precise, and descriptive rather than using language that’s sarcastic, ambiguous, and judgmental. When you’re a leader, it’s hard not to become emotional occasionally, especially when you’re frustrated. But you’ll be more likely to get good outcomes when you remain as neutral and respectful as possible.

Giving back to society

And finally if you are the person who gets to decide how the time is spent or what projects get done you can choose at least one project or piece of work per year that brings hope or optimism to your community. Our society is still evolving and still has many problems.  If there were rational solutions to these problems, those problems would be solved.  Giving a small amount of your creativity to help working towards solve societal problems benefits many people and allows your organisation to give back.