Mediation QQI Level 6

Why Mediation QQI Level 6?

Mediation QQI Level 6 is offered by Talentpool Ltd.  Mediation is a highly effective way of working through a conflict situation. Organisations and individuals alike are becoming more aware of its benefits and are looking to independent; trained and certified mediators to facilitate the mediation process. Talentpool offer a Certified Mediation Programme at QQI Level 6. We have been offering this Mediation QQI level 6 programme since 2013 in Ireland. This programme is designed for all levels and we welcome participants who have no experience in Mediation to attend this programme to begin the journey of acquiring the skills that they will need to practice successfully in this field.

Mediation QQI level 6 programme is designed for people who wish to gain a working understanding of mediation process and gain the knowledge necessary to become effective mediators.

Why Attend This Mediation QQI Level 6 Programme?

The Mediation Act 2017 was enacted on 2nd of October 2017. The Act contains provisions for a comprehensive statutory framework to promote the resolution of disputes through mediation as an alternative to court proceedings. Mediation QQI level 6 covers the skills necessary to work in mediation.

Mediation QQI level 6 programme will set you on the right pathway to achieve your goal of becoming a fully certified mediator. Theory is only one part of the education process; your course tutor will provide direct feedback to each student during the practical role-play exercises. Video presentations will be used as case studies and the basis for group discussion analysis.

Talentpool provides practical training courses to organisations and business professionals. Our open and inhouse courses allow the participants not only to benefit from the programme delivery by our highly qualified trainers, but also from the diverse array of like-minded professionals attending the course.

We pride ourselves in being able to design and deliver outstanding in-house bespoke training programmes for our business and corporate clients.

Talentpool is a QQI registered training provider since 2010. All our courses are designed and delivered to the high-quality control standards required by QQI, even when uncertified. You will find more information on our Mediation QQI level 6 programme at

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