Moving your Business Online

Moving your business online

The realities of moving your business online

Now six weeks into restricted trading you may now be working through alternative ways to continue trading. Moving your business online is more than just creating a website, there are other physical and practical ways that you will have to change your business in order to offer an online service. The following are some of the main things that you will need to consider if adapting to a new way of being.

Creating a functional website

You will need to create a website for your customers that is conducive to shopping. The local enterprise offices across Ireland are offering funding to help you access the Trading online Voucher for a second time. This is a fantastic support and means that you can access web design experts to help you create a high-quality website in a timely fashion. There are other new financial supports available to support you during this crisis through local enterprise offices such as the Business Continuity Grant which you may want to consider.

Social Media Platforms

Using social media platforms to drive customers to your website and communicating that you are now open for business online is an efficient way of getting your message out quickly. If you have not advertised through social media before you may consider opening business accounts for the relevant social media accounts where your customers hangout.  Traditional printed advertising may also be a good option if your business operates locally.

Payment platform

You will need to provide an easy way for your customers to pay for goods and services online.  There are many payment platforms available in Ireland which you can check out here.


Delivering products to your customers gives you two considerations, the first is the cost of the delivery and the second is adding the cost of delivery on to your customers and still being competitive. Postal and delivery charges can vary. Same day delivery is more expensive than next day delivery. Heavy packaging can add additional expense to a posted parcel.  It is essential that you do comprehensive research in this area to get the best deal you can for your customers to ensure that your delivery costs do not price you out of the market.