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At TalentPool we have been providing online courses for over two years. We focus on providing programmes that help you develop and improve the key skills that support your business and employees.  Moving your business online, facilitating you and your  managers to manage effectively remotely, communicating more effectively and assisting you to find new and innovative ways to evolve and adapt your business successfully are the areas where we can provide training and support.

Moving your business online

An online presence is the norm for most businesses these days.  Creating a platform that is informative and creative could be your way of moving forward with your business. It allows your clients or customers to have greater access to what you have to offer as a business and enables you to have a virtual shop front that is open 24/7.  Talentpool provide a range of programmes that help take the mystery out of going online.  Learning the skills of web design, digital marketing and advertising online can be an exciting journey for you and your business.  The online shopfront is the shopfront of the 21st century.  Talentpool have been helping business since 2011 to move online successfully.  Please do contact us today to see how we can help you move online.  Our programmes are available across Ireland through our virtual training platforms.

We can help you with - Moving your Business Online - Digital Marketing - Website Planning & Design - Digital Marketing Tools -Driving Traffic to Your Website - Social Media and Your Online Presence

Supervisory Management QQI Level 6

Talentpool provide a range of leadership and management programmes in the following areas;

Business Communications Course Online

Business communication skills can be developed over time.  As a manager or business owner or if you are hoping to progress your career learning how to communicate professionally is essential.  At Talentpool we have been supporting individuals to communicate professionally since 2011.  We provide a whole range of programmes in this area both online and offline.  Below are some of the programmes that are in demand from professionals across Ireland.

Finance for non financial managers

At Talentpool you can learn financial management skills from facilitators who are qualified trainers who also have a track record of being in business successfully with professional accountancy qualifications.  We have a suite of short courses specifically designed for busy business owners, managers and employees. These short courses allow you get the information you neeed in and efficient and convenient way that will suit with your existing time demands.  The following are the most popular short courses in financial managment.

  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Using Excel for Accounts
  • Computerised Accounts
  • Computerised Payroll
  • Tax for the Self Employed Person
  • Business Administration and Cash flow Management QQI Level 5

Train the Trainer QQI Level 6

At Talentpool we have been supporting individuals to gain professional training qualifications since 2011.  If you are looking to create a learning organisation or move into the area of professional training we can help you.  Our training qualifications provide you with both theories and practical skills so that you can apply your new skills upon successful completion of our programme.  You can learn with us and get a QQI Qualification in training and get further support to enable you to teach in the virtual world through online platforms;

Learn to teach online

The dynamics of teaching online are very different to teaching face to face.  At Talentpool we are providing short programmes to assist you in learning the skills of training online successfully.  You will learn how to use online training technology and get your learners to interact online. You will also learn how to design content that will work well online. In a world where blended learning and online learning are now part of the training landscape it is really important that trainers can provide a quality experience to their learners in a variety of ways.

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