Making digital content engaging and interactive.

Creating Content for my website

Creating great content for your digital marketing campaign can be challenging.  Identifying the things that are of interest to your customers or clients is the starting point for connecting with your customers, hopefully driving traffic to your website and the icing on the cake is succeeding in getting customers to grow your digital profile by enabling user generated content that can be shared on multiple platforms by the users.

To get started create a user-friendly survey through or or some of the other online survey creation software that is free to use.  Include questions about the things that are important to your client base and the type of content that would interest them.  As an example, garden enthusiasts may be interested in the best time to plant bulbs or new varieties to add colour to their garden.  Keen cyclists or walkers may be interested in new routes beside water from Waterways Ireland or countryside routes from ordnance surveys Ireland.

Thinking logically your customers or users are probably going to be looking at your content in their free time. Customers like to be heard and love to post their photos, selfies or other items.  Use themes that are fun, enjoyable and those that create excitement for your users.  Allow them to share this content with others.  For those using Opensource web design software or WordPress enable the social sharing plugins or apps to make sharing possible.  More ideas here.


5 tips to enable user generated content.

  1. Create a public Facebook Group where your customers can post content that is of interest to them. Find examples here of 9 of the best Facebook groups.  
  2. Create a Facebook Post that allows your customers to comment on the subject. Click here for more details.  
  3. If using a WordPress website, you can install the plugin for enabling user submitted posts. Details here.  
  4. Encourage customers and clients to use hashtags in order to connect social media content for a specific event, conversation or new product etc. Click her for further information.
  5. You may also consider user generated content software. More information here.