Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning

What is prior learning?

Prior learning is the knowledge, skills and competence individual learner already has. This may have been acquired in any of the following ways:

·                 Formal learning: - takes place through programmes of study or training that are delivered by education or training providers.

·                 Non-formal learning: - takes place alongside the mainstream systems of education and training, for example in work-based training, in voluntary sector activities or in community-based learning.

·               Informal learning: - takes place through life and work experiences.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a method of assessment which allows learners to gain formal recognition (certification) for knowledge, skills and competence they already have acquired.

RPL may allow a learner to:

·         Gain entry to a programme: a learner may gain a place on a programme, based on the learner's knowledge, skill and competence, gained through relevant life and work experience or through previous certification.

·         Gain exemptions within a programme: for example, a learner may be granted exemptions from participating in elements of a programme, based on learning that they already have, but for which they do not have a formal certificate. The learner will still be required to produce a portfolio of evidence for assessment purposes.

·         Gain credit towards an award: a learner may gain a credit towards an award using previous certification which is recognised by QQI.

·         Attain an award: a learner may attain an award based on previously acquired learning for which they do not have a formal certificate.

RPL for TP’s currently validated Programmes

Because of the specialised nature of Talentpool’s training programmes, RPL is considered in exceptional circumstances only. The programme leader and Principal Officer will consider all applicants that are seeking RPL and will discuss with the SDU manager and Quality Officer.

For major awards, TalentPool recognises prior learning for entry to a programme and may also offer exemption credits. Where learners have taken part in a pilot programme, that is subsequently validated, TP will work with the participants of the pilot programme to ensure that the relevant MIPLOs of the validated programme have been achieved and the learner is fully prepared to take assessments and subsequently achieve the award. RPL for Future Programmes RPL will be considered at the design stage for all future programmes.

Please contact us on 045 864727 or email if you would like to apply for recognition of prior learning.