Train the Trainer

Course Title: Train the Trainer

Training Delivery and Evaluation QQI Level 6

Course Code: 6N3326

What will I learn?

This programme will equip you with the knowledge, skills and competence to deliver, assess and evaluate a training and development intervention. It is suitable for those looking to deliver certified programmes, non-certified programmes in an online or offline setting.   For those who are looking to transfer their businesses online this programme will help enable you to communicate more effectively with customers in presenting events and demonstrations online. There is a special emphasis on the design of your programme.

Creating suitable materials for delivering online training is included as part of this programme.

The course content includes;

  • The concepts and theories behind training and evaluation both online and offline.
  • Design, plan, deliver and evaluate effective training programs.
  • Design a programme suitable for delivery online
  • Understand the factors that impact the effectiveness of training delivery
  • Understand how Equality, Diversity and Disability legislation relates to training.
  • Effectively evaluate both the training you provide, and the learners themselves.
  • Confidently deliver training and deal with challenging learners.
  • Providing constructive feedback to participants

Training Online : The skills to deliver training online are now essential skills for trainers to master.  In the TalentPool Training Delivery and Evaluation programme we cover in great details how to design, deliver and present your training in the online world to a high standard.  We cover aspects of how to use the technologies as well as training techniques.  For those considering a training career at this time this programme prepares you for training both online and offline.


  • Project                                  40%
  • Skills Demonstration       40%
  • Learner Record                 20%

Who is the course for?

  • Those wishing to pursue a career in training
  • Businesses owners operating remotely
  • Any Professionals, consultants, therapists, coaches, tutors, teachers or lecturers etc. who are moving online
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Individuals looking for career progression

Course Format

Six sessions online. Daytime, evening time and weekend options available.

About Online Learning

Online Delivery: All of our programmes are delivered online in accordance with government guidelines.  This online delivery gives you the advantage and convenience of learning from whatever location works for you, either home, work or abroad etc from your pc or laptop.

How online delivery works

Before your course starts, we will send you all of the materials that you need for the programme via email.  Courses are delivered through Zoom and you will receive a zoom link for your course via email which can be used for all of your sessions.  The online platform works on your phone, tablet, laptop or pc.  All of the sessions are interactive, and you will be able to meet and network with the other participants.  We do not record any of the online sessions at any time.

Submitting assessment materials

All assessment material is submitted via email.

Academic Support

As part of your QQI programme you will be given support and guidance around completing the assessments.  This academic support is designed to refresh your learning skills and give you the best possible advantages in successfully gaining certification.

Track Record

TalentPool has been delivering programmes approved by Quality & Qualifications Ireland for over ten years.  We take pride in providing programmes that enable you to develop your skills and knowledge to industry standards.

Contacting us

We are available to talk to you before, during and after your programme to assist you with the completion of your programme and certification.


Up to six weeks

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