World of Dreams

Why book a World of Dreams Event for your team?

Talentpool offer World of Dreams Events across Ireland.  As leaders in the area of enterprise, business and organisational training in Ireland Talentpool recognises that evolution and new ideas are critical to the continuation of your organisation or business.  With the help of TalentPool your team can be inspired to create and invent new approaches and methods of making “their” business work in an ever changing business world.

With the these events you can explore both the process and people of your business to refresh and invigorate your business at any time that your business needs energising.

Some World of Dreams Events for you to consider for 2020;

  • Becoming a sharing and learning work place
  • Being environmentally friendly in an economical way
  • Delivering customer service to a modern audience
  • Design Thinking, creating new and innovative ideas
  • Energise and invigoration cleansing day
  • Exploring progression and promotion
  • Remote working - will it work for us?
  • Supporting Leaders in our Business

Talentpool World of Dreams

How long is a World of Dreams Event?

Your  event may be one day or several days and is completely tailored to your organisation.   The consultants at TalentPool Ltd can explore your requirements and provide an event that will best support you achieving the results that you want.

Venue for your Event

Talentpool can provide your event on site or you can choose one of the many high quality external venues that we use across Ireland so that this is an enjoyable and beneficial experience for your team.

What happens at a World of Dreams Event?

The event can be provided for small or large groups.  The events are designed to be enjoyable, interactive and our ultimate goal is for your team to walk away with new learning and ideas that can be used straight away.

We provide a relaxed, friendly and fun atmosphere where each individual gets to contribute their thoughts and ideas.  The Talentpool facilitator will assist the groups to refine and perfect their ideas to make them practical and workable.  We encourage participants to stretch the limits of their imagination and to explore new possibilities.

Our events may use a combination of group exercises, individual exercises, discussion, inspiring talks, coaching, relaxation techniques and fun activities to make your event a success.

You may also consider a leadership and management programme, management skills or training skills for your team.

For more information sign up below and or phone us today on 01 9010152. Talentpool World of Dreams